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After the Rings

Since last week, I've been getting over my 360 going on the fritz (so to speak). Diving through my Gamecube & Xbox library, and rekindling with games I haven't played in awhile. Until I fire up my old Xbox, and check in Live, place in (enter arcade fighter here). And voila, no one's on.. um hey there's this huge response of Xbox Live players.. yet some don't keep their old system? Um I'm kinda confused here..

For awhile, I've noticed that alot of arcade fighters, namely CvS2, KOF etc.. are just empty. No one plays them much anymore. Even DOA2's online mode has been sparse at times. Sure most have moved on to other titles, but there isn't much when you look at it.

I'm scratching my head on why Microsoft didn't implement every game. But I'm thankful I decided to keep my old system. Its just disappointing that things turned out this way. Someone right now, after reading this would say, "get with the times! no one plays those anymore" Right.. and I'm the easter bunny. There is a select group out there that plays fighters online. Sure DOA4 has brought in that group more often, but there has gotta be some that give themselves a variety to play through.

Back in the day, when most of us were questioning what the next systems were going to be like. It was open to speculation that variety would be something for online play. Turns out, that is not the case, most are racers, ballers, etc.. So I'm wondering if variety is actually dying. Ok, that's an understatement, if Gears 2 actually delivers even though its another generic shooter.. yeah I'm not going to rant.

Honestly I'm just frustrated with the online gaming community. If fighters were something we grew up with, then where the fuck are those gamers that enjoy it? Oh, only at events. Fuck that. Online is up for grabs, and people aren't speaking up. Its a shame, many voiced, the providers listened, and the gaming community splits in two. Seriously, there are many genre's, and fighters are the first to die online. So Soul Calibur IV & SFIV are our last hope then?
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