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Win $5000 without playing videogames on a videogames themed website.

hoopledoople.com is an online adult only gaming community.

"the new social network for gamers! At HoopleDoople gaming becomes more interactive with the ability to use real time webcam and chat with your opponents. With contests, news, networking, chat, webcam and more Hoople Doople is the new home for the social side of gaming. Want more? The site is dedicated to the adult gamer. That's right, only 18 and over can come and play. HoopleDoople is the adult gamer's playground! To become a member of Hoople Doople enter here".

yes that right only $15 a month you to can join hoopledoople and watch other people play video games and maybe meet a, like, totally hot gamer chic? cos i mean, unless you sign up you will never meet one.

but wait, its getting better....

Hoopldoople are running a little contest, a contest to win $5000.

accept this contest is for HOT gamer chics only.

"Welcome to HoopleDoople’s Hottest Gamer Chic contest. The sexiest girls of gaming will compete for the title of Hottest Gamer Chic 2008 and $5000 cash!

The concept is simple. Join the contest, get votes!

You can get other members attention by attracting them to your live cam and profile to gain their votes. Each member will have one vote per day, per contest. Remember, only members can vote."

doesnt that sounds great????!!!!

so if you want to be the next presenter on G4, oh sorry, i mean the winner of the gamer chic contest all you have to do, is do what ever it takes to make boys vote for you. like, doesn't that sound like TOTALLY awesome?!!

actually skills optional.

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