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So I've been playing Dementium

I've been playing the game for a few weeks now and I can say now that I am impressed by the game technically. That is to say that the graphics, and controls are some of the best on the DS (I am one of the few(read:4) people who LOVE touch FPS). From the gameplay side of things though, I'm beginning to get a bit weary.

I was excited to traverse the hallways of this vacant hospital-turned-butcher shop for the first few hours of play, the setting was haunting and the atmosphere pulled off surprisingly well on the handheld. There are some interesting puzzles to solve but none of which are TOO difficult (clever, sure) But some of these tasks, such as finding 3 keys, is superficially hard. What I mean by that is the game will put,for example, three objects relatively far apart, between which is a plethora of enemies; ranging from simple and predictable(zombies), to annoyingly dangerous(slug babies?). A major flaw in this design though, is that the enemies will respawn after you go through any door- the ammunition will not.

I'll admit that I didn't find the map and most of my ammo was lost due to my trial and error navigation, needless to say it was a huge annoyance in a game I had been enjoying thoroughly up until this point.

One thing I'm a bit torn on is the games variety. It seems that just as I'm growing tired of the near identical catacombs that make up the hospital I come across something new. I hope that these early surprises echo throughout the game, because I'm finally progressing again and after about 6hrs on the same floor I'm ready for something different.

Another thing though. I am scared to turn off my DS. When loading any room (after going through any door) it tells me that its 'saving' but when I die I have to replay the chapter. Does anybody know if I can shut off the DS or do I need to wait until I beat a chapter for the game to save...I miss my pokemon...

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