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Buzz! The Destructoid Quiz - Category Guide

This is a guide to the various bonus categories that exist in the weekly Destructoid C-Blog quizzes I post every weekend.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Weekend
These are the basic categories that always make up questions 1-6. A question is taken from one of the day's blogs, except for the Weekend one obviously which could come from Saturday or Sunday.

First Appearance - Week 1
If Chad Concelmo posts a c-blog in a week, its probably going to end up in the quiz because we all love Chad dearly and hang off his every word.

First Appearance - Week 1
Did someone fail heavily this week? If so then they could be in the quiz, however special priority is taken of established members failing.

First Appearance - Week 2
So you read all the text, but what of the pictures? This is about a picture in a blog post, I will always specify what post it was in to avoid confusion.

First Appearance - Week 3
Not Video Game Related. A blog tagged with those 4 letters is the subject of these questions.

First Appearance - Week 3
A question taken from one of the Friday Night Fights blogs.

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