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FooLiz follows Mxyzptlk's lead and talks about games she's playing

After reading Mxyzptlk's blog about games he's playing, I decided to follow his lead. Sooooo here is my list.

*****I am aware you may not care so here is a video to entertain you while I ramble that I feel is quite apt*****

I've been playing alot of 360 because it's the only console I havent let somebody borrow atm.
So I just recently bought Ninja Fagden 2 like many others and I really like it, it's hard as fuck but good. I love hack and slash games so I knew this would be right up my alley. When I started it I chose to do it on warrior because I think doing hack and slash on an easy level is a cop out and I'd rather die a thousand times on the hard one than do it on easy and be like well now I'll do it on hard. At the moment I'm up to Chapter 8 I think(I'm at the rocket launching ninjas bit after you kill the werewolves) and apparently there's another two difficulty levels after this(oh god no). Don't get me wrong, it's alot of fun, and I swear like a sailor when I'm playing it(that's a good thing, it means I like it), in fact the only thing this game has going against it is the shitty camera angles. I'm glad they took out the insult when you die thing, in fact my horrible abilities at the game actually made me end up with an achievement for dying so much.

I've also decided to get back into some of the games I've had for ages and forgotten to play.
One of which is Stuntman: Ignition which I got given as a promo, it's alright, I mean it's fun and all but you know... I can't beat somebody up with a guitar... which leads me to my next old school 360 game...
Dead Rising... Oh how much fun, shoving a shower head into a zombie's head so it showers blood. Or beating zombies up with a piece of shelving and a kitana. Oh and fucking Otis, I dont have time for your shit Otis, I know you're stuck beside the air vent and living vicariously through me but fuck you Otis, you've gotten me killed too many fucking times you piece of shit whore! (once again if I swear like a sailor I like it)

And finally I recently downloaded Catan at Keener's request, which led to his 360 getting rrod during our first game(I'm so sorry Keener <3 <3 <3) but it's alot of fun when you need a break from button mashing in Ninja Fagden or constant aggression at Otis in Dead Rising.
And as Mxyzptlk says I love to invite people to UNO so I can call them a whore for giving me a draw four. It's another game I play to be social other than Bomberman.

I don't play FPS's often.
Oooh and I think I'm gonna get Devil May Cry on Wednesday too....
Anyway's that's it
Also if you wanna be my internet guru to help me fix my nat settings let me know.

Also show me your genitals
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