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The state of the affair: Metroid

An 8-bit sci-fi adventure that began on the NES, to an suspenseful mission to return to a place behind. Taking a few sidenotes from then cult films, to classic status, Metroid wasn't a household name back then. It was more of a starting point, where you took an armored hero across the remains of a place long forgotten. Only to find scavengers taking it apart, until that fateful moment, you met a creature so devious; it could only be described as evil.

Until recently we found out "Mother Brain's" true origin, as a replicate model of many. Of course, the driving force is still left intact, but its pure nature feels more like that of a librarian. But close to more of a hybrid being (i.e Farscape's "Moia") Of course its original intentions are not to harm anyone, but once a certain group gets obtained data... it becomes one of the most craziest "Cannonball Run's" in the galaxy.

But in turn, things are different within Prime 3, and the technology adapted was a joint venture. (from both sides?) Strange, it wasn't explained this way sooner. But the "affair", becomes a nightmarish incident across the stars. And humans are the forerunners with other races to somehow set things right.

And much later, the true intentions are revealed, leaving various hunters to set things right. Although in Metroid fashion, those you get to know (and finding out their intentions). Prime 3 lays down a lot of ground that is cemented within Metroid 3, and pieces left undone in the original mission.

"Metroid Dread" however was something we were teased with for several years. Before Metroid Fusion (IV) was released, there were several hints of a piece of technology with the same name. And it again appeared in Prime 3 (later editions re-wrote the original find) So is it another title for the next entry? We still wonder..

On another note, sadly the official US Metroid site is left as a bare shell. Many fans are left with questions. A) Could this be it? B) Will we see another Metroid? C) Or is there plans for something during E3?

Part 2 - Mother Brain vs Aurora?
- Conception - Original Metroid
- The final battle, being taken at the helm with one last stand against the hero in Chozo armor. Once taken down, a countdown occurs giving way for an escape.
- Retconned in Zero Mission, we revisit this same battle, but with more emphasis on a conclusion that her activity is more dire.

- Revisit - Metroid Prime 3
Aurora 313 (designated by code number) also has notes of being created without a specific gender, but can take on characteristics willed by its users. Mainly its use is studying, preserving life, and the fusion of energy with an entity. (ie - various Chozo races possibly helped the Galactic Federation convey more ways of librarian tasks, as well as a beneficial AI harvester; for positive purposes)

Dark Samus's intentions although unclear, fuses with a later model causing more chaos. Possibly giving root to taking over other planets, in order to seek control. However, who's to say that it may not have followed her pursuits elsewhere? It is quite possible that her energy sought root within Zebes, thus giving organic life to the destroyed Mother Brain (a protegee AI corrupted by another source).

(note - Metal Gear also contains a few hints of Metroid linkage. With MGS4 denoting that various types of models could obtain further use of mobility. *organic limbs, to thinking patterns, as well as acute personalities, and asexual (neither male or female).

- Adam - Metroid Fusion
- An AI? Adam Malkovich was a CO that Samus served under in her early years with a GF unit. Said to have died in service, giving his life to spare Samus instead. Oddly enough, an AI built within a unit given to Samus near her return to service, heading back to SR388; had personality traits that of Adam himself. - Is it possible that there could be something else going on?

- Patriots (MGS)
There is an interesting hint that of their being created under personas; that of fallen leaders that have passed away many years ago. Containing traits, as well as adapting to situations. (possibly one of Metroids writers took a hint of this?)
(*note - in both series, AI's have an integral part in leading intel on other sides. Possibly hinting that there is more going on under our naked eyes. )

- You're not alone (traveling the stars)
Within the Metroid galaxy, we were first introduced to planets. Mostly only being to stay on one throughout an entire mission. Until Metroid Prime 3, did we actually see under Samus's eyes what the galaxy truly was; a vast amount of stars. Under its focus, moving from each point to the next, unraveling the huge puzzle left undone (and for what was ahead).

In addition, we've always seen her work alone, until Prime 3; that we find her having to band together with other hunters. And later, a Hunters tournament, with the prize being more vast that anyone can attain for themselves. Leaving us to wonder if there can be more of a buildup within this series' universe.

- Where to go from here?
Many fans have played through each chapter in the series. And we ask "where to now?"
Metroid Dread has long been left undone, or was a hint of something left leaked. And later turned away, as if it never happened. Hopefully we will see our longtime hunter again really soon.

For this fan, he would love to see Metroid continue, possibly venturing to more territory; and beyond.
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