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Solid Snake Saturday: Cold Hearted


It’s Saturday and that means it’s once again time for us Dtoiders to gather for a fun filled night of Headshots, base capturing, and rubber ducky theft. While you’re online you might as well apply for membership in the #1 MGO clan based on a gaming website with a robot for a mascot. Just search for “DESTRUCTOID.COM” and send in your electronic application, if we deem you worthy we’ll let you in. Well, the only real requirements to join are that you have to have access to a PS3 and Metal Gear Online. We’re not picky, we like the Coast Guard of MGO clans.

An update was recently released that added some new gameplay elements. First is a new game type called Team Sneaking. It’s like Rescue Mission but the capturing team has stealth camouflage and non-lethal weapons. I’ve played around with it a bit and it seems like it could be a lot of fun. They also added a Heatshots Only rule set, you only get points from headshot kills and any other kills actually subtracts from your score. Team Sneaking will defiantly be added to the rotation but I’m not too sure about headshot only, I’ll leave that off unless people want it.

We begin at 22:00 (10 PM) EDT. I’ll put up a room called “DToid SSS” in the Rosemary lobby. The room will have a password of “toid” so that we have room for everyone who wants to join us. If you have any map/game mode suggestions that you’d like to see leave them in the comments. Want more Base and less Team Deathmatch? Never want to play Capture again? Just let me know and I’ll start building a more robust rotation.

Also, yojimbo and I will be trying to use the camera to get some interesting shots for the recap. If you want to try your hand at it as well just send us what you got and we’ll put it in the recap.

Quick note on Headsets:
If you're having trouble hearing people you'll want to change all the settings in the option screen to their maximum value. You can fine tune it from there if you like but most people need to keep it high to be able to hear anything.

See you on the battlefield.
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