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Buzz Quiz TV - First Online Thoughts


I am a quizzing god. That is the feeling that I got winning my first ever online game of Buzz. My avatar vaulted the podium, ran up to Buzz, the center of the stage rose and 'njsykora' was displayed on the scrolling ticker hidden below to remind everyone else that I had taken them apart. So the winning was awesome, but what of the game?

First of all the servers were getting absolutely slaughtered yesterday and have pretty much only gotten back on their feet today. Presumably Relentless hired the same guys who did the Xbox Live servers over last Christmas. My game here was relatively lag free, not that its easy to spot lag in a quiz game.

First of all the online game is shorter than the local multiplayer with just 3 rounds, presumably because most people playing Buzz online aren't going to want to sit in front of the TV for the 40-50 minutes that the main game can take up. The shortened format also means you won't be running through your question stock as quickly as was possible in previous games, 3 rounds of 6 questions each will mean that the game's 5000 disc questions will last a very long time before you have to delve into the extra 3000 currently on the PS Store or even the user created MyBuzz quizzes.

I'm told 4 rounds are available, Stop the Clock (score points based on how quickly you answer), All That Apply (choose as many answers as you like from a list) and High Stakes (bet on a question subject) were the ones I played while Fastest Finger is also a possible round, presumably in the place of All That Apply as Stop the Clock would be needed for tie-break situations and High Stakes fills the position of that last chance point grab. I'll cover how I like the rounds when I come to do a full review (not going to happen until I gather up 3-4 people for a local game).

Online is excellent basically. No substitute for having another 3 people to play with in the same room but a worthy excuse for buying the game if you have no friends. There are a few things that need to be done though.

First is strengthening the servers, Buzz's fanbase may not be gigantic, but its devoted enough to play a lot of online.

Second is PSEye support. Relentless say they want it in the game as soon as possible but when the mode is about pitting teams against each other it would be especially nice to see how many people you're beating on your own.

Finally is the rounds, I would like to see more rounds become online enabled. Pie Fight, Point Builder and Final Countdown are the big ones. When the local ends with Final Countdown I think the online should as well.

Best moment of the game was this, a High Stakes question about rock band names. Everyone bets 500 as its a tight game and one slip up could end it. The question comes up as 'What are this band named after?' to which the video wall behind Buzz starts to play a Kaiser Chiefs video. The Kaisers are named after a South American football team, laughing at the one player who got that wrong felt excellent. Especially when Buzz talks about him/her being the only one to screw up.

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