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European WiiWare Update (Also Destructoid Buzz Info)

Right, I'll get through the WiiWare stuff quickly as they're both games we've heard a lot about and I have other things I want to talk about.

Game 1 - Pop
Nnooo - 700 Points

Yeah, we're only just getting this. Hilariously billed as a Puzzle/Shooter.

Game 2 - My Pokemon Ranch
Nintendo - 1000 Points

Watch your Pokemon scurry around in full 3D! Jim's probably all over this already.


Today was one of the best days I've had as a gamer. I was in My Local Independant Games Retailer Of Choice (caps because I've used that phrase so many times now) and chatting to the staff when the manager of the store told me he had something to show me. Nothing could prepare me for what he brought out of the back.

The Limited Edition Pokemon N64, in its motherf**king original box. I damn near splashed my manjuice into my pants at the sight of it. He said he'll only sell it to someone he likes and I have officially won that honour right now. £70 is the asking price, I call that a bargain.



njsykora is the PSN name if you want to add me and this means that the Destructoid Quizzes are going to start appearing every week. The most likely way I'll do this is to write the quiz as the week goes on then upload all the questions to MyBuzz on Sunday evening or Monday morning. The other plan is to upload them all on Friday afternoon so they're ready for any Buzz FNF we can get going. The questions will be heavily focused on the c-blogs so memory from the week will be crucial to gain top points and of course, you'll have to pay attention to the c-blogs as well. Both good and fail blogs will be covered with at least one question every week being related to epic c-blog fail.

So beware new users, if you fail in the c-blogs from now on your failure could be immortalised in a videogame.

Like I said yesterday, if you think of any questions then a) you're welcome to create your own quizzes and b) feel free to submit them to me for inclusion in mine. 8 questions a week is what we're looking for.

So there we go. The Quizzes will start either this week or next. Remember they're friend only so as to not clog up MyBuzz. To see them and play them you'll need to have me (njsykora) on your friends list. People without PS3s can still play the quizzes on the MyBuzz website. All you need is a PSN account.

I also have Motorstorm and Call of Duty 4 if you feel like taking me on in either of them. Now this is quite long anyway so I'll leave it there, hope to see you in the Buzz Studio!

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