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Cblog of 07.03.08

I'm really starting to fail at making a quality recap these days. It's gotten to the point where I'm tempted to write a python app that would cut the work of doing these recaps down by like a quarter.

Anyway. As Conrad mentioned yesterday, a dedicated recap account is coming. I've already made it, just gotta pretty it up abit.

Also. Alone in the Dark is a big disappointment.

*- Colette Fanart
*- Rio featured on capcom blog
*- Limp Bizket = Yojimbo?
*- Educate yourself: Fallout
*- Awesome Deals

S- Death by Cartoon 109 (Conrad Zimmerman)
S- Ready to Friday (Topher Cantler)
P- Failcast 12
P- No podtoid this week

C- Superflossy wants to sex you up with a kick ass MGS shirt (6.20)
C- June Xbox Scavenger Hunt (End of June)
C- Conrad wants to give you an Dreamcast (June 7th)
E- Part 1 or 5 for Conrad's Contest (hazan)

E- Million Man Lan 7
S- Yojimbo be from dtoid
S- PC Gaming
C- the now age old games as art discussion again
C- Unrated DVD's ok but not games?
C- big wall of text about something
C- a 3rd big wall of text about something
C- Destructoid Quiz
C- Some random from dick
C- mike hawk gets a ps3
C- movies that would make great games
C- skribble haz a wii
I- phntm rat

N- Australia still sucks ass
N- microsoft working on Stereo Games
N- PSN Update
N- Rockband DLC
N- RBV62 Gift Pack is live
N- cheap games in london
N- July 4th EU Releases
N- Star Ocean 4 and Infinite Undiscovery. For some reason, these characters make me long for a true Phantasy Star Sequal though =P (or even a PSO sequal that doesn't suck like PSU)
V- Samba de Amigo Wii
T- Star Wars Galaxy geting a virtual TCG
T- Halo Board Game?
T- Soleil
T- Eve Player Council and EU Politicians
T- Grim Fandango
T- games as story telling devices
T- Suishou no Dragon (square game you never played)
T- MK Podcast + Info
T- a fast food game?
T- synaestete
T- Ghostbusters
T- SH5 on wii? dear god no.
T- Evolution of Megaman
T- EA insults Ireland

F- Wall E and Wanted
F- Moonlight
S- Rackin' up the old school

L- nsfw. image 2 is indeed, very frustrating
R- 4th of july
R- 4th of july
V- Mega64 on Guitar Hero World Tour
V- some video about online gaming behaviour
V- pokemon makes you die a virgin
V- sales guy vs IT. also, hot women on side bar.
V- Yahtzee vs gaming comics
C- #1
C- #2
C- #3
?- ?
?- ?
?- what the hell is a webkin?

S- #2
F- #1
F- maybe fail?
F- #3

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