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What songs do you want in Rock Band 2?

Leaks, leaks, everywhere. Whether they turn out to be true or false, are you happy with the alleged set list you've seen so far for Rock Band 2?

In less than a few weeks, I'll be going hands on with the new game at this year's E3. That means I'll be face to face with some of the folks who not only designed the game, but also some of the cats responsible for green-lighting and pursuing songs.

So here's what I want to do: I want to hand these fuckers the longest, most comprehensive list of songs YOU (and I) want to see in Rock Band 2. Whether it ships on the disc or makes its way down the DLC pipe, these are the songs we just NEED to have in the game.

It's only three weeks away, so I need your help. Stop shouting into the ether that you want Los Lobos' version of "Guantanamera" -- no one is listening to you. Why do you want that song in the game? Good bass line? Fun melody? Well-known and will go over well at parties? Killer drum intro?

If you want your songs on this list, here's what I want from you:

1) Put together a spreadsheet with submissions in the following columns, in the following order: artist, song name, why the song should be in the game, your Dtoid user name (and real name, if you'd like).

2) Put some thought into this. Yes, Billy Idol's "White Wedding" would be kick ass to play in Rock Band, but WHY? Think about it for a second. Just because it's your favorite song, that doesn't mean it's going to be fun to play. I really dig Weezer's "El Scorcho," but that was the worst two dollars I've ever spent in my life.

3) Likewise, just because it's not YOUR favorite band, that doesn't mean that the song won't be kick ass to play and appealing to a wide audience. Example: I would never listen to Blink 182 in my spare time, but "All The Small Things" is admittedly fun and a good addition to the agme.

4) Email your spreadsheet to nick AT destructoid.com with the subject line "Crap that needs to be in Rock Band."

5) At E3, I will hand over manila envelopes stuffed with this massive list to members of the Harmonix team.

What will come of this? Nothing, maybe. But the look on Alex Rigopolous' face when I hand him a 100+ paged spreadsheet should be priceless, and this is probably a better way to get heard than complaining about it in the forums or Cblogs.

Get creative with it -- think inside of the box as well as outside. Have fun with it! I'll be sure to document the exchange on the front page either during or after E3, including pictures and reactions.

Have at it!
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