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PS3 Poker Night: In-game Gremlins


The time: 10pm EST.
The place: PSN Network.
The Hosts: James Ewing aka Ha-Puken and JohanHin aka Takeshi.
The Prize: Nobody bothered to tell me so I have no idea. Let's pretends it's a slightly used copy of Anne of Green Gables.

I was asked to put this up at the last minute so excuse its lack of shit talking and prize information.

Who cares about prizes though when the real highlight is the chance to go head to head with seasoned card sharks such as Ha-Puken, Takeshi, y0j1mb0, Qraze, Video_Cognito, Counting Conflict, Moosehole, and Gos-CPTStewart. If any of the regulars know when the prize is let me know and I'll update the post accordingly. Until then the prize shall continue to be the tale of a spunky Canadian orphan.

So come, join us. Unless your PS3 was bricked by the recent firmware update. In which case, it sucks to be you.

Now here's a video because it's kind of my "thing":
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