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Buzz Quiz TV - Why Videogamers Can't Review It

Buzz Quiz TV comes out on the PS3 on Friday. However there is an issue surrounding it, and that quite simply is the question on whether its basic structure can be reviewed as a videogame.

Now Buzz hasn't been getting bad reviews, both the Edge and GamesWeasel reviews I've seen gave the game decent 7/10s, far from being bad scores I hope we'll all agree. However it is the game's final round that will scupper most reviewers I think, The Final Countdown.

In The Final Countdown all the points from the last 5 rounds are converted to time which counts down until only 1 player has time left. Basically its a classic 'all or nothing' gameshow final round and that's its problem from a game review standpoint.

Buzz's main game is quite simply, a gameshow. It has the round structure, the uneven scoring and the all-or-nothing final round. Add in the love or hate host, the dolly girl and the voiceover and its about as close to a glitzy Saturday night gameshow as we're ever likely to get without answering a contestant call. Of course, if it were a glitzy Saturday night gameshow we'd have Hotseat as the endgame for BIG MONEY!!

Buzz is a gameshow and as I see it, it should be reviewed as such. Jim Sterling can comment on its online, question selection and technical proficiency all he likes, but he can't review this game. For a game like Buzz, you don't need Jim Sterling. You need Iain Weaver.

Hilariously, Buzz was actually made into a proper TV show in France this March. Obviously it was a Sony financed project featuring as it does Buzz's stablemate in Sony's casual collection, Singstar as a face-off elimination. The host should really be blonde and wearing a shiny red suit though, and they should've got in a real Rose and Greg.

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