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A Cast of Thousands: Miles 'Tails' Prower


There, I did it there so you gits don't have to do it in the comments OK?

Friends? Rivals?

There's the last point about Tails, for all his skills and ability, he remains insecure and unsure about doing stuff by himself. While he's perfectly happy chasing Sonic or running alongside him or even flying him around whenever he seems to go off on his own he ends up getting into trouble. See the opening to Sonic Adventure where the very first Sonic level involves rescuing Tails after he crashes the Tornado. That probably explains best why I like Tails, for a character who on paper is in every way Sonic's superior it needs to be remembered that in terms of game time he's barely through puberty and carries all the clumsyness that his relative immaturity brings with it.

For now Tails remains a support character, as his story develops though it should be asked how much longer before the apprentice bests the master? If Sonic is getting a bit old for this sort of thing, could Tails replace him? I certainly don't see why not. He's a character I link a lot to my own traits and experiences and whether you see him as a videogame icon or a piece of furry scum you have to respect how much he's been developed for a character with no dark secrets.

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