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Rumoured "Minority Report" 360 interface

No doubt you've been hearing the rumours about the XBox Live Spring Update introducing a new 3d interface, and you've probably also heard that this interface will be designed by the people who designed the awesome 3d interactive interface that you see in Minority Report.

A new and innovative interface is something to be excited about, but unless it's implemented well by Microsoft and it is actually simple and convienient to use, then it's going to be nothing but a waste of time.

Thats what I was thinking, but then i remembered that Microsoft are also rumoured to be developing a Motion sensitive device to be used with the 360, and the possibility of it being used for the new interface is very interesting indeed! Just take a look at the system Johnny Lee developed with a simple Wii remote and his own software. If you can imagine a system like this being used with a new intuitive 3d interface on the 360, then you should be as intruiged about what Microsoft are planning as I am.

The UI in Minority report

Johnny Lee's Finger Tracking Mod
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