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One step, two step

Yesterday afternoon, my "return to sender" box via Microsoft for "repairs" on my 360 arrived. At the time, I just came back home from grocery shopping. Something came over me, and I just didn't have any energy. After getting the system in the box (packaging was fun), ate lunch, and took a snooze. Only to find out, most of my day was long gone.

Watched tv for a bit, couldn't find much on. Just set it to whatever was on, all this reality show this, and that. For awhile, I didn't watch any tv. Lately I find myself watching G4 Rewind in the morning, and it helps get my day started. But you know how things are, worries & frustrations.
(one of those being unemployed) - just nothing i really want to pursue

Back on the note of reality tv, is it something anyone really needs? Somehow those people just wind up in some dumb tv show, and make a (censored) amount for nothing. Jeez, if anyone can do that..

Did some grocery shopping yesterday. "Prices are fun!" *note the great amount of sarcasm in those words. On the plus side, I managed to not spend over the amount allotted. Just seeing how many cars parked at a local Safeway, who's to say how much they spend just getting back home if they were on the "last leg" of gas in their tank. I really feel for those commuters I really do.

On a note of commuting, I too have to take a "magical mystery tour" to deliver my 360 back to HQ. Actually, I have to find out where the local UPS store is (its local, just hiding). In addition, I canceled my Live account for now, I'm not going to be using it for awhile. Not sure when I might even re-subscribe until later on. Just a decision I'm settling on for a bit, until I see how things balance out.

Kinda like throwing pebbles across a pond, just to see how far it "skips" along the water.
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