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Voice Actor in Gears 2 says, Gears of War 2 "Going to be more emotionally affecting than Bioshock"


(this picture is awesome Donut)

Before people start saying that Gears of War 1 didn't even have a story (there was one but it was horrible) please let me introduce to you the scene where this takes place. In an interview with Official Xbox Magazine UK a VOICE ACTOR who plays Dom. Let me say that again, a VOICE ACTOR named Carlos Ferro says in the following interview that:

"I said it. It's going to be more emotionally effecting than Bioshock. A lot happens."

Now it could be that Ferro wants to promote the game he is in so he get more acting opportunities or since they may have already recorded the lines for all of the characters. This is a possibility for Gears of War 2 to make me care about these characters that I didn't even give two shits about in the first one.

Also double the news on this game, but this will be short. Shacknews reports that Cliff Bleszinski (because he doesn't want to be called by a name that is easy to spell) at the Microsoft Spring Showcase said that:

"We're not announcing anything about co-op at this time, we'll probably get around to it around E3 time, but rest assured, it will be bigger and better."

I know this is late but man even though I didn't like the first Gears this just makes me happy but I just know they will disappoint me.

[Sources OXM and Shacknews]
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