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Toneman's Time Portal: June 29th...er 30th

Last time we looked at Terry Bogard's Day out and lolled. Today we're going to do things a little different. Since I'm late, hurr hurr, we're looking at what I blogged about 1 year ago yesterday! Don't ask why I didn't do it yesterday, I even had a reminder on my desktop. ANYWYAY.....let's take a look!


Hurray! It's Jim Steriling's favorite Gundam game. As well as mine.

One year ago yesterday, I blogged and let everyone know that a demo for Dynasty Warriors Gundam was available for download on PSTripple. Ther was no love for the 360 at the time, but that has since changed. It's now also on Xbox Live. If you haven't played this demo yet, or the full game for that matter, go download it because it's quite fun. Now let's see what everyone said in the comments! Boy gee whiz, not a whole lot. Basically everyone wanted to know why I disappeared off the face of Destructoid. Let's explain the story.

Back when I first found Dtoid I was working a desk job where I could refresh the page every 5 minutes and I was often one of the first commenters on stories. Then my contract ran out and I was forced to find a new job. I'm convinced that if I still worked that old job my comment rate would be up there with the likes of king3vbo and such. Oh well!

That's all for now! Join me next time as we take a look into the past. I leave you with this Gundam video.

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