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Sony Video Gives Details on In-Game XMB, Google Search


Sony has just added a new video to the Playstation blog, showing off elements of the 2.4 firmware update for the PS3. This video features details on the in-game XMB. It looks pretty much like the XMB we're all used to, but I really like the access to PSN games direct from games since it minimizes the amount of menu flipping that might be necessary.

In-game soundtracks isn't quite implemented yet but appears to be on the way. Will it be ready in time for 2.40? Doesn't sound like it, so 360 fanboys might at least have that to lord over PSTriples for a little while longer.

All in all, it looks to be pretty sexy and offering most of the features that have seemed a bit lacking. If there's one thing we can always count on from Sony, they're doing what they do with style. Oh, and there's a clock! Woo hoo!

One somewhat odd thing that kinda bothers me about this, though, that it doesn't seem to pause the game you're playing automatically to bring up the XMB. I would think this to be an essential feature. If you're cruising through the XMB, you're obviously not playing the game, why not pause it automatically like the 360 does? I can just see gamers all over the world watching in horror as their character dies, dimly, behind the XMB because they forgot to pause.

A second video detailing the trophy system will be arriving in the coming days.

(via Playstation.Blog, thanks Macca!)
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