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Look, it's PG Bioshock!


Well, not really. It's for some movie called City of Ember. But the style they've chosen to create the city looks a bit like Bioshock, doesn't it?

Speaking of Bioshock, I was playing it on Easy mode today (it really is disgustingly easy compared to hard mode) while my cousin watched. As she is about the same age as Little Sister, her reaction to harvesting or rescuing was quite interesting. She told me to harvest them because they were "creepy." I would have thought that little kids would chosen the "rescue" option, but apparently that isn't the case. When I looked up other articles on Bioshock, I was quite surprised to see reviewers say "oh my 8 year old son/daughter came across me playing Bioshock and told me to harvest them." I don't know if this is is a universal thing, and I wouldn't advise anyone to park their little siblings/cousins/neighbours in front of Bioshock just to see their response to this, but it's just a random thought of the day.

Also, if you are interested in plastic surgery, you probably wouldn't want to go to this guy:
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