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EA Sports Gives Wii Its Own Line of Games


EA has announced that they have special plans in the works for Wii gamers, reworking their sports lineup into a dedicated brand. Intended for "players of all skill levels", this pretty much settles the rumors regarding peripheral-based play we've been hearing for a few days. Called "All-Play", the first release of the brand will be NCAA Football 2009 on July 15th.

Now, before everyone starts yelling about how blatant of a cash grab it is, I'm actually cautiously optimistic about this. Sports is a huge division for EA and launching a new brand is not something they do on a whim, no matter how crazy the new boss is. And while the sports genre has never been of great interest to me, I remember ignoring practically all of the titles I bought at launch to play Wii Sports almost every night for a month.

If EA Sports can fulfill their promise of a "very unique sports experience" in a way that feels accessible and fun, they could very well pick up a lot of consumers who just bought their Wii and never bothered with anything but the pack-in. Hell, they might even manage to get me.

The question is, if it fails, will Peter Moore be getting a tattoo of a Wiimote going up his ass?

(via gamesindustry.biz)
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