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European VC Update: Into a Rhythm Edition

So for yet another week we find ourselves with 5 games to choose from. Quite clearly we're settled into the new routine of 2 WiiWare followed by 5 VC, its a routine I heartily endorse.

Game 1 - Pac-Attack
SNES - 800 Points

Pacman's puzzle game finally comes to Europe! Basically its about lining up falling blocks to create a path of ghosts for Pacman to chomp when he himself appears in a block. Its quite fun but this is probably the 5-6th time its popped up in the last few years and its really not worth a full 800.

Game 2 - Super Fantasy Zone
Mega Drive - 800 Points

Its the last game of the Fantasy Zone series and possibly the best, the same generator destroying shooter gameplay returns but with better graphics and new levels. Its really all you can ask for. I recommend, if only because I'm a huge Fantasy Zone fan.

Game 3 - King of the Monsters
Neo-Geo - 900 Points[/b]

Its an awesome fighting game that kicks the ass of any Godzilla game ever released and which would usually be well worth the points. However its on SNK Arcade Classics vol.1 so its worth on the VC is doubtful. If you don't have a PS2 or a PSP then I would recommend, otherwise find the compilation. Unless you really want to play it with that Neo-Geo stick.

Game 4 - Cybernoid
Commodore 64 - 500 Points

First lets get something out of the way, Cybernoid has incredible graphics for a C64 game. Secondly I fucking love Cybernoid. However why couldn't we have the NES version? If Commodore 64 games are showing anything, they're asking the question of why the Atari ST isn't on the VC? Other than that its still an excellent game and I recommend getting it.

Game 5 - Summer Games 2
Commodore 64 - 500 Points

Summer Games 1 was pretty poor, SG2 however...is still pretty poor. At least in its C64 guise, it was released on more powerful formats and was all the better for it but this version just isn't worth it.

Some good, some bad, some decidedly meh but far from being a complete washout week. Lets hope next week's WiiWare can do better.

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