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Blizzard - Admired from afar.


Well Blizzard definitely know how to fire up a speculation frenzy with their icy splash page tease-a-thon and I have to admit, I too have purchased my ticket to board the hype train to BlizzardVille. I can't help but be excited about the possibility of a Diablo 3 announcement as Blizzard are known for making damn good games.

But this got me thinking, the main reason I am pumped for Diablo 3 is because I have barely played the previous two games, I only played a demo of Diablo 2 and that was it (although I did enjoy the demo, no idea why I didn't buy the full game). And upon further recollection I realised that I either don't play or can't play almost all of Blizzard's best games out there, and yet Blizzard are one of my favourite game developers. What the hell?

Let's look at the tally shall we?

Warcraft 1 and 2 - Played, but played poorly. (I soooo suck at RTS's)
Warcraft 3 - Never played (dig the style though)
Starcraft - See above (fucking love this game though)
Diablo 1 and 2 - (only played demo of 2, enjoyed it)
WoW - Never played, and refuse to play it (I love the style, but don't wanna get sucked into it, I have little time to play games as it is)

I've either horribly neglected or I just horribly suck at Blizzard's best titles, so why do I love their games so much?
I guess you can put it down to the fact that their games are top quality, regardless of if I can play them or not, and the style and polish that Blizzard put into all of their work is just plain awesome. From the colorful fantasy setting of Warcraft, to the gritty Sci-Fi style of Starcraft, and the dark and gothic style of Diablo, all their games are so varied and yet all have a distincive Blizzard feel to them.

Fingers crossed.....

I'll confess I never got into Diablo when I was younger, so the main reason I am pumped for what hopefully will be Diablo 3 is that Diablo 3 may be my chance to get on board of an awesome Blizzard franchise that I will be able to play (and play well) and enjoy up close this time and not just from afar.

Unless of course I suck at it, then I'm screwed :P

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