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Cliff Bleszinski says Metal Gear Solid is "Passive Entertainment"


Oh Cliff, Oh Cliff why must you do this to me? Well in a recent interview with IGN Cliff Bleszinski, developer over at Epic and king of games, said some backhanded words to a game close to a lot of peoples hearts (mine included). Read what he said:

“Metal Gear Solid is our example of the game we’re not doing. Passive entertainment is on its way out.”

And I can say yes, Solid Snake is not pumping steroids into himself every second to smash some alien bad-guys. Now serious talk, I will agree with him that Metal Gear Solid is not a game Epic should ever make because well you have to have some Kojima crazy in you to make a game like Metal Gear Solid.

We may be taking his words out of context and that is for you guys to decide.

[Source N4G]
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