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some arts. then some farts. oh, and crafts. [NVGR]


THE ARTS For reasons entirely unbeknownst to me, I have begun to draw and craft at a greater frequency than normal. This includes an upturn of sketches and prismacolored drawings of many different varieties. I've begun to churn out pieces such as the above tribute to my most recent obsession, Battlestar Galactica, as well as such creatures as LittleBigPlanet-like dolls in Super Pants, as displayed below. Joy!

THE FARTS Farts. (Must click on first track to listen)

THE CRAFTS It seems to me that the extremely complicated craft process of assembling Plushtoids has considerably burned me out in the sewing department. I have to work on revving those lvl. 50 Running Stitch skills before I dive into it again, but in the meantime I'm starting small with these tiny felt Happy Tears (which, admittedly, resemble the Taiko no Tatsunin folk a bit).
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