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Time for another bedtime story, Snake: My favorite thing in MGS4


So by now you've all heard about the greatness that is Metal Gear Solid 4. Either you've read it or you're currently the owner of a copy of the game, which means you're playing it. Either way, you know all of that. So instead of raving about the amazing gameplay that is featured within the game, I thought I'd rave about something else, something that's seemingly glossed over most of the time.

If you haven't figured it out from the title of my blog, I am speaking about Drebin, the arms dealer in the game. And while much is said about Drebin and his business, not nearly as much is said about the wonderful character he is. The voice acting behind this man is amazing, delivered with such feeling and such grace. It is truly a sight to behold.

But as the title of my blog references, my favorite thing about Drebin is when he calls you after a boss fight to tell you the origin of that particular character. The way he speaks sends chills down my spine, no matter how audacious and ridiculous some of these stories are. his voice acting is so damn effective that he makes them sound amazing. After creeping you out sufficiently, he always gives you a nice pat on the back for taking out another boss.

It's very telling that I looked forward to my encounters with Drebin almost as much as the one's with Raiden. Forget the weapons you get (which are admittedly sweet), I wanted to beat the bosses so I could hear a story from Drebin. That's a mighty impressive feat considering the connections and history I already have with so many other characters. I'd go so far as to say he is my favorite character in the game after Old Snake.

Besides all of that, I love how he always shows up at just the right time. The scene where you ride on top of his tank is one of the more thrilling set pieces in the game, although I'd say the motorcycle chase is even better. Still, you got to appreciate all the guy does for you, and on top of it all he's an amazing story teller.

Anyway, I just felt like typing that up. Had to give old Drebin a little reach around, but now it's time to go. Bringing the kids swimming at grandmas house. It's going to be a nice family day.

So long for now, Destructoid.
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