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Dead Space musings

So if you haven't already, make your way over to gametrailers or youtube and look up some Dead Space gameplay for yourself; it looks cool, albeit a little boring. Sure the game LOOKS very, very pretty and the frame rates are steady and smooth, but is anyone else bored to tears by the combat and setting? I mentioned in Grishnack's blog that I was disappointed in the enemies and the weapons.

First of all, the developers told us that dismemberment was the only way to completely put down a Necromorph, then they just turn their back on that statement and include a gun that pretty much kills them in 2 shots no matter where you hit them. And for anybody who doesn't want to use your Primary gun, you have a pistol that does almost no damage. Joy!

From the looks of the gameplay footage, shooting your enemy once will remove the closest appendage that you shot, then another shot will kill them. I don't know what I expected to happen, but I sure as hell expected more thought than that to go in to designing one of their "features". Maybe the enemy should crawl away, or up a wall. Maybe don't make both of it's legs get blown off at once, I don't know, just ...something other than what is there, it looks boring as shit.

Also, the enemies didn't seem to DO anything other than walk/rush towards the player. How about having them, oh I don't know, hanging off the ceiling, jumping out of vents, trying to crawl away, defending against the player? Anything that shows even a remote sign of intelligence. I don't care if they are brain dead space mutants, I don't want to play through a game filled with enemies that just run at you.

Also, I am a big fan of Event Horizon, what a fucking sweet movie, so I am all for spending time in a haunted spaceship, but holy shit, does it have to be GRAY. Hasn't any developer cottoned on to the fact that we are fucking sick of gray by now? Even a tinge of red, or blue, fucking anything but gray! Also, I hope the ship has different "segments" so not everything is steel grates and metallic hallways, that will get very old, very soon.

I know it's just gameplay footage and not the final product and a blah blah blah I dont care, this is my opinion based on the footage provided and I am entitled to it so nyarrr. Feel free to discredit this argument if you want, I'd be more than happy to know I was wrong and that this game is indeed the innovative title it's meant to be. But all I see now is a boring, gray, grate filled, Event Horizon wannabe.

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