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My Newest Retro Game Haul OR Why I'm Glad We Didn't Go On a Big Family Vacation


I was suppose to go on a semi-big family vacation this year and head up on a road trip to the Mall of America in Minneapolis. Due to flooding and whatnot all throughout Iowa though we couldn't make it up there. So instead we ended up just hanging out an hour or so away from home and stayed in a hotel for a couple nights.

Sooooo since we didn't end up going to unfamiliar territory I happened to know where a few retro game stores were, so you can guess where my money went. Well... and the toy store, which you can read about over on my Tomopop C-Blog.

Now, you might notice that there are a lot of games that as a major retro game fan I should have owned by now. It's not that I've never played these games before, as I've already played every single one of them. I just had not owned either an NES or a Genesis until within the last 5 years, so I hadn't gotten around to owning these games before. These were all ones I played of my brother's when I went to my dad's house as a kid.

The complete list of the haul I found this past weekend was:

1. Gunstar Heroes (in box) - Genesis
2. Adventures of Lolo (in box) - NES
3. Wild Arms 2 (in box) - PS1
4. Weakest Link (in box) - PS1
5. Phantasy Star II - Genesis
6. Valis III - Genesis
7. Lufia and the Fortress of Doom - SNES
8. Legend of the Mystical Ninja - SNES
9. Donkey Kong Country - SNES
10. Diddy's Kong Quest - SNES
11. Mario Paint - SNES
12. Super R-Type - SNES
13. Final Fantasy - NES
14. Super Mario Bros. 2 - NES
15. Super Mario Bros. 3 - NES
16. Maniac Mansion - NES
17. Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego? - NES
18. Gauntlet - NES
19. Gauntlet II - NES
20. 8 Eyes - NES
21. Fist of the North Star - NES
22. SNES Controller
23. SNES Mouse (for Mario Paint)

So I'd say I pretty much made out like a bandit! :P Needless to say I'm pretty much stoked about what I picked up and will definitely be making time to play more games here soon. You can view better pictures of the games in my gallery, and be sure to visit my Tomopop C-Blog for all the toys I found!

Until next time my friends
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