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Can real life affect your in-game characters?

Disclaimer: I will try not to rape English in this c-blog post. Grammar police, don´t be so harsh with me.

I can only star this cblog with the following question: Has your real life affected your in-game life?
Well mine just did and I am gonna tell you how.

I really enjoy RPG´s and every game where your character is customizable (which most of the time come by the hand).
So, since I really love to customize my characters and I am an egocentric bastard, I usually name my characters with my name, and friends name for his companions.

Most of my main characters are usually named GON, and their companions are usually names of people I really feel close to.
They will usually be an Arnald, if it´s a black guy or a retarded looking face; there is gonna be a Baul if there´s a red haired character, or a sporty one. And both are interpretations of my best friends names. When the character is a female, I would usually name her Teta (which sounds more female than male for me) or the name of the woman who occupies most of my time.
And after naming my characters like that, I somehow fell more affection for them, because they have a real counterpart that they represent (something that reminds me a lot of Dexter´s post).

Why do I write all this?
Well after being dumped, I just can´t stand my in-game female characters. I am in the hate state of my situation.
I can´t stand the characters that represent her, those characters have her name, and sometimes her looks, and I thought of her when I created them, and now I hate them.

Yes, I can´t stand the white mages in my Final Fantasies. Now, it´s freaking hard to continue the game, since I only send them to melee everything.
I would rather be attacked by aid infected spears than receiving a simple cure or regen from those bitches.
I can´t count the amount of times I wish I could select one of my teammates and select death from my magic menu or attack, or summon Ifrit on them so they burn in hell flames.

Right now I am replaying every single song in my rock band guitar career, since I want to throw my plastic guitar to the TV screen every time I watch my character appear. God it´s frustrating!

Maybe this hate feeling will disappear, maybe she will call me again, but last week I just wanted to throw PSP´s to the floor, stab white mages in the face, burn bitches in rock band concerts, and run over every woman I could find in Grand Theft Auto.

Have this happened to you?
I know this is a lame post but I had to take it out from my system. So if you were wondering why didn´t I drew some Destructoid last week, this is the reason why.
Now if you forgive me, I need to replay MGS and kill Sniper wolf again, twice.
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