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Aussie blog/podcast.

So my xbox is coming in a week. I know delays, what are you gonna do.
Me and my mate Mike started a blog/weekly podcast as an extra-curricular project for our degree. It's basically a place where we blog about the happenings and events of our lives in Sydney, Australia. But it's got a fair amount of news and technology content. So, please visit and give me some feedback on how to make it a bit better and attract more traffic.
And oh yeh, don't forget to subscribe to the podcast as we are doing an Expo special cos this sunday we're off to the Supernova pop culture expo '08. Hayden Panettiere was supposed to be there i think.
Much appreciated guys. =D
lol, before i forget, here's the link: Sydneycast
if we get anough popularity, we're gonna put alot more committment into it and get a proper domain.

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