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"Hardcore gamers are f*gs then"

So, Destructoid Community members. Would you consider yourself a hardcore gamer? If so, I have a tale for you.

While on the phone with a "friend" about the Rock Band Wii commercial (which is AMAAAZIIIING), we got onto the topic of the Wii's software and hardware. I got onto the subject of the Wii's 512mb HDD, and how they need more space, or to unlock the SD/USB slots. To this, he responded with the belief that the SD slot WAS unlocked.

After insisting that it wasn't, I finally convinced him to try loading a save game from the slot, to which there was no avail. Then, realizing that he was wrong, he claimed that anyone who needed more then that was a fag with no life, because he only had 5 VC games and that 'those were all the good ones.' I myself have more then five, between the original Zelda, Zelda: Link To The Past, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Metroid, Sonic, and Sonic Spinball to name a few. I do have quite a few more.

To reiterate, I asked him if that made myself and the entire DToid community 'faggots' for enjoying more then 5 games, which I got a resounding "Yes" from. Yes, apparently liking more then 5 VC games means YOU are a FAGGOT.

Then, we moved to the subject of actual retail games. I asked him to name 5 good Wii games that were not ports, rehashes, or minigame collections. (Guitar Hero 3, Rock Band, No More Heroes, and others would be acceptable.) To this, he responds "name 5 good 360 games that aren't shooters, fantasy, or sports."

Wait, wait, wait. Fantasy = fiction. The only NON-FICTION GAMES, are sports games, and the Call of Duty games (A.K.A. shooters). So, he marks out NON-FICTION GAMES, and fiction games. WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS LEFT?!

Eventually, I get him to lighten up the terms so I can name 5 games that aren't shooters, sports, or rhythm games. I choose the following: Dead Rising, Devil May Cry 4, Portal, Geometry Wars, and Sonic The Hedgehog.

Apparently, Dead Rising and Devil May Cry 4 ARE NOT ELIGIBLE, because they have guns in the game. Even though they are NOT the primary means of eliminating enemies. Portal is not considered a puzzle game in his book, but a shooter because, AND I QUOTE, "It's in first person view." I ask him if Oblivion is a shooter in that case, to which I hear "WTF IS OBLIVION".

All in all, this kid is f**king retarded, and believes he is still right. I come to you, my fellow community members, so that we may PALM in the FACE of injustice.
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