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Well, I hope that I don't get banned by dtoid for not posting a game-related blog. Hell, this isn't even a blog, period. (<-- periods followed by a period fascinate the hell out of me...). Anywho, welcome. I figured it was time to get this shit under way. My name is Nathan, but i go by pappadukes, because 1:) I am a new father, and 2:) because I wear "daisy-dukes" when I have enough liquor in me to tranquilize a horse. Hence, "pappadukes". (The extra "p" is for another post altogether. C-blog usage guidelines currently prohibits me from explaining further).
Call me sick, depraved, or insecure. I really don't care, which you can see illustrated below:

wait, wrong picture... THIS is a picture of me not caring, because I'm drinking beer.

So, I lied earlier when I stated that this "post" (NOT blog) would have no relation to video games whatsoever. I am sorry. I couldn't truly capture my "essence" without delving into video games just a little.

I am 30 years of age, which means that I grew up on video games. The earliest being the Texas Instruments and Commodore 64. I also had almost every incarnation of the Atari "console" they could shit out (2600, 5200, 7800). But I can't say that I really got into video games until I got the obligatory Nintendo Entertainment System as is the case with most (if not all) 30-somethings. I became a junkie. From that point on I slowly began experimenting. Any new system that came out, I had to have. Genesis, SNES, Sega Saturn, Sega CD, Sega 32x, Jaguar, Sony Plastation, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, XBOX, Playstation2, Wii, Playstation 3. And that's just consoles. You HAD to have a Gameboy if you didn't want to be called a "poser" back in my day. And I'm not talking about your fancy "Gameboy Color"; I'm talking about the "jaundiced" yellow and black OG Gameboy. Not only was I able to immerse myself in video games in the comfort of my own home, now I could bring my addiction with me, wherever i went. It was absolutely amazing to be alive!
But I can safely say that the Gameboy was about as crazy as I got with the handhelds (Color, Advance, and SP). I did own a PSP at one time, but ironically I sold it so that I could afford a 80 gig PS3 (absolutely fucking worth it, if you ask me.)
Well, that's it for me at the moment. I thought I would just give this C-blog a test drive, see how I liked it. Seems to handle pretty well, although, I did notice some drifting, when I took my hands off the wheel. And I think the previous owner let her cat urinate all over the bucket seats...
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About PappaDukesone of us since 2:40 PM on 03.14.2007

Video games I have played:
Hahahahaha! Seriously? A TON! I've been playing video games for over 20 years. I'll narrow it down for you. Here is a comprehensive list of games I HAVEN'T played:
Any Pokemon game ever made. I haven't played it, nor will I ever.

Video games I am currently playing:
Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC)
Far Cry 3 (PS3)
Rage (PC)
Darksiders (PC)
ZombiU (WiiU)
Darksiders 2 (wiiU)

I'm big into SNES emulators, so A LOT of classic RPGs (Breath of Fire II, Final Fantasy VI, Dragon Warrior V, Phantasy Star II, etc.)

Video games I have recently destroyed
Far Cry 3 (PS3)
Dead Space 3 (PS3)
Tomb Raider (PS3)
Papo & Yo (PS3)
Torchlight II (PC)
inFamous 2 (PS3)
Sleeping Dogs (PC)
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (PS3)
The Walking Dead (PS3)
    -Episode 1
    -Episode 2
    -Episode 3
    -Episode 4
    -Episode 5
Mass Effect 3 (PS3)
Mass Effect 2 (PS3)
Journey (PSN)
Uncharted: Golden Abyss (Vita)
The Simpsons Arcade (PSN)
The Binding of Isaac (PC)
Alice: Madness Returns (PS3)
Uncharted 3 (PS3)
Plants Vs. Zombies (PSN)
Metroid: Other M (Wii)
Stacking (PS3)
Sam & Max Episode 102: Situation Comedy (PC)
Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time (PS3)
Sam & Max Episode 101: Culture Shock (PC)
Back to the Future: The Game - Episode 5 (PC)
Back to the Future: The Game - Episode 4 (PC)
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (PS3)
Back to the Future: The Game - Episode 3 (PC)
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers (PSN)
Limbo (PSN)
Back to the Future: The Game - Episode 2 (PC)
L.A. Noire (PS3)
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars (3DS)
Dragon Age: Origins (PS3)
     -Warden's Keep (DLC)
     -The Stone Prisoner (DLC)
     -Return to Ostagar (DLC)
     -Awakening (DLC)
Dragon Age II (PS3)
     -The Exiled Prince (DLC)
     -Legacy (DLC)
     -Mark of the Assassin (DLC)
Final Fantasy XIII (PS3)
DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue (PS3)
DeathSpank (PS3)
Dead Space 2 (PS3)
Back to the Future: The Game - Episode 1 (PC)
Costume Quest (PS3)
     -Costume Quest: Briggins on Ice (DLC)
Enslaved (PS3)
     -Pigsy's Perfect 10 (DLC)
Rock Band 3 (PS3)
Fallout 3 (PS3)
     -Broken Steel (DLC)
Mass Effect 2 (PC)
Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3)
inFamous (PS3)
Red Dead Redemption (PS3)
God of War III (PS3)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (DS)
Borderlands (PS3)
     -Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned (DLC)
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (DS)
Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty (PSN)
Uncharted 2 (PS3)
God of War II (PS2)
Final Fantasy X (PS2)
Kingdom Hearts II (PS2)
God of war (PS2)
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (DS)
Dragon Quest IV (DS)
Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (DS)
Resident Evil 5 (PS3)
Final Fantasy IV (DS)
Earthbound (I know, I'm late to the party, and everyone's already drunk) (SNES)
Viking: Battle for Asgard (PS3)
Dead Space (PS3)
Guitar Hero III (Wii, PS3)
MGS 4 (PS3)
Super Paper Mario (Wii)
Mario Galaxy (Wii)

Video games I like to play:
I'll pretty much play anything that will hold my interest. But primarily I am into action/adventure and RPG's. I am a SUCKER for a classic RPG.

Miscellaneous Shit:

PSN ID:PappaDukesXD
3DS Code:3995-6613-8033


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