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Sonic Unleashed: I don't know what to think.

It's not a secret that I am a huge Sonic fan. I have the original Sega Genesis Trilogy in every device imaginable (including Wii)
Having played the latest Sega attempts, I stand disgusted. Sonic The Hedgehog was an unnecessary half baked and overly atrocious attempt of Sega to renew the franchise. Whilst Sonic and the Secret Rigs seemed like a ray of light in the darkness of mediocrity, Sega failed in their own safe bet.

I was so ashamed of Sonic And the Secret Rings that I sold it after I finished it. I know I'm gonna regret it later, when it become collectible but, it felt so bad... I just couldn't stand keeping it in my library.

And then there was the attempt to revive Nights. For the ones who told me to play it before I judge, I did. And I was absolutely right. It sucked so bad that i couldn't finish it and I turned it off almost at 70% progress.

And then there is Sonic Unleashed. I Saw the Europe gameplay video at IGN.
The game looks fast. Just like a Sonic game should be. It also looks like a blended version of Sonic and the Secret Rings and Sonic Rush in uber 3D.
While the whole thing was good on the eye, i've been wondering...

The game goes too fast. Will it be one of the Sonic games that you hold constantly the analog stick on the right while you occasionally press the jump button? I don't remember that on the older Sonic Games...
I also thought when I saw action commands... Is that game some kind of action interactive movie? Especially these didn't felt right at all.

I wonder what Sonic team is up to now... I hope this effort is at least better than the last ones. but I have lost faith in them...

Also, a LULZ video.

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