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My Gaming Collection, also first post

Since this is my first post here, let me introduce myself in style - my whole gaming collection. Newer gen stuff first.


Most of these I got with my box, I doubt I would have purchased King Kong, Oblivion or PGR. And that Smackdown vs Raw - that's a free copy from Digi magazine! The picture is missing Prey, but hey, it's no suprise that game is left off from any list. Zing!

Original Xbox:

These games I think, represent most my tastes. Note the first row, and DOAX hidden in the last.


The Chainsaw controller! With custom blood patterns! And Viewtiful Joe. What I would still like to get are the essentials - Shadow of Colossus, Okami and some more exclusives. The thing is though - I don't really own a PS2. So a pink PS2 is on the want list.


The Dreamcast! My most favorite console ever made. Too bad my game collection for it is so lousy, but it's just so hard to buy stuff for it that has been re-released on other consoles in superior quality. But still - some stuff remain - Jet Set Radio and Seaman come to mind.


Banjo Kazooie is the best 3d platformer ever made, period. And Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a really slow game that is grossly overrated and not aged well. Ohhhh snap.


This small console actually reinvigorated my interest in gaming around 2003. I bought the PSOne model with the small screen, and started to go through the massive library it had by then. And soon enough - bought an Xbox. The weird controller is a Namco NegCon analogue - to turn you physically twist the controller. It's an extremely odd concept, but actually really intuitive and fun. And I really need to replay Ape Escape, that game was a blast.


There is a lot on my SNES wishlist, Mortal Kombat II, Castlevania IV, Super Metroid, StarFox, Yoshis Island, Contra 3 (Super Probodector here in Europe). But I do have the Super Scope.


Double Dragon II, my favourite of the lot I own, is not on the picture but safely tucked in the womb of the machine. The other games I actually got for free, so I'm really missing the games I really want to own: Kirby, Ufouria, Duck Tales I & II, Felix The Cat are just some I can name from the top of my head. It's tough though, when I buy a game, I really want the box and manual, but with the NES stuff it's really hard to find or really REALLY expensive.


Nothing too exiting here - NOLF2 and Dig are my proud moments, but I've not finished either. With NOLF, there is a weird thing - the game installs, but there are no in-game sounds or dialogue, but music plays fine. I've tried to play it on multiple machines and gone through all possible forums and solutions and support, but no dice. Any help is really welcome. Since this is the new millennium and all, most my PC playing (the little there is) has been done through Steam. I really do like tangible media and all, but I don't like playing on the PC and Steam just has stuff that really appeals to me.


As you can see, I like colors. Too bad the small Russian LCD Game & Watch ripoffs screen got cracked during the moving, it's a legend on it's own.

DS Games:

Nothing too exiting, just the essentials. The Princess Peach and Legend of Stafy 4 belong to the MS. though, but they really are solid platformers.


As you can see, a nice collection of Zelda games. I strongly believe that the handheld Zeldas are the best made. When I do get my GBA Micro someday, I will also get Minish Cap and LTTP/Four Swords, I just can't stand playing them on the daaaark GBA SP or with the small buttons of DS. Oh and more Stafys of the MS.


What the hell, you might ask. Well I got these for free, and the Ngage was such a glorious failure I just could not resist. I really should get down to trying to collect all of the Ngage games ...


These are a real blast from the past. Too bad my parents sold my Commodore ages ago (if I remember correctly, the money was used for my new shiny 286 computer, so it was all good), but these tapes were a bitch to play - the loading took anywhere from 5-20 minutes, and most, save for a few exeptions, weren't really that good. But good times anyway.

Last but not least, the Smash TV cabinet:

Smash TV on XBLArcade is for pussies! Real men play on a real cabinet. I've written about this beast here before, but damn is that game hard! Even on freeplay, it took us around 2-3 hours to get to the end. Ideally, I will not cannibalise this cabinet for mame, but fix it up and build a second one next to it, and in the far future, add a Pinball machine next to them. My very own arcade!

Random gaming crap:


If you like retro games at all, do yourself a favor and subscribe to Retro Gamer Magazine. It's a bit expensive, but damn, is it worth it! It always looks fantastic and the articles are very insightful and fun. Thanks to Kärt for gifting me the subscription last Christmas!
Oh and if any of the Retroforcego guys are reading this - you NEEED to get this!


Ron Jeremy Mario, Toad and a really good looking Wario. Guarding my 360.

Wires and controllers:

Even more wires and controllers:


Yes, yes, I know, a crappy 32 SD TV, but I hope it's not long until I get a chance to upgrade. The picture is really good for what it is, though. Notice the Big Daddy figurine next to a micro-sized Transformer.

Phew. That's a lot of stuff. Took me the whole evening to take the photos. It's not the best of collections, but I take pride in trying to get mostly what I like and interests me, or I find funny (Ngage), and not hoarding crap for the sake of it. What I am a glad about, is that I really have almost all the machines I want, and now it's just down to software.
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