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Civilization Revolution (360): Demo Impressions

Back in middle school, a friend of mine gave me a copy of the original DOS versoin Civilization for the PC. The turn-based gameplay was Sim City mixed with turn-based wargaming and took a while to learn, but was fun once you finally got into the groove. Now, several years later, I tried out the demo for the 360 (?) take on the franchise: Civilization Revolution.

After an hour and a half play session, I was shocked that series creator Sid Meier managed to take a complex turn-based PC game and adapt it to console with relatively easy controls and fun animations without appearing to dumb down the gameplay.

Jumping in, I started things off as Julius Caesar. After a tutorial that is not exactly self-explanatory, I picked things up quickly since I remembered how to play the original game. I felt the tutorial could have used a bit more hand-holding, or maybe a demo playthrough players could watch, but it is a demo after all. After exploring the initial country, I sent some settlers to found a second city, Poop. Due to over-expansion and misjudging the harsh Zulu warlords, the city of Rome toppled, leaving Poop as the only reminder of the Rome Empire. Soon enough, I was overtaken by the Zulu and Egyptian forces, leaving Poop in ruin, the city a flaming mass of corpses and corn.

Download this demo if you enjoy turn-based simulation games, but prepare to be a little overwhelmed by all the rules and unit types.
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