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June Cblog Xbox Scavenger Hunt

And... it's on.

The clock is ticking, time is running out and you have but one month left in which to complete this last set of challenges.

Rather than bore with the usual commentary I'll let the pretty picture window do the talking thing.

So, what you need to learn from this is that there are 6 challenges. You have to beat as many as possible in a month's time.
I'm relying on both you and the opponent you're playing against to play a legitimate match and that it's not some "laydown" match where you beg and plea your opponent to take it easy on you for the sake of a few points. That's one of the reasons why you're playing who you're playing.

Beat each opponent on their selected game, by their rules, and net 200 points for each victory for a grand total of 1200 points.

And to elaborate a bit more on the opponents, their GamerTags, and the games you'll be playing:

Snaileb (GT: Snaileb)
Game: Gears of War
Rules: Beat Snaileb in a best of 7 PVP match in any gametype, Snaileb's choice of maps.
Advice: Good luck. Snail's 1,000 kills away from his Seriously... achievement, and he didn't get it from slacking around in-game. I've been told that smoking pot makes you unbeatable in this game, and I've yet to be disproven.

DJDuffy (GT: DJ Duffy) (There's a space in DJ and Duffy, FYI)
Game: Halo 3
Rules: Beat Duffy in a 25 point, 10 minute match on any map of her choosing.
Advice: Duffy may possibly be the best Canadian Halo 3 player on the planet. Add in her disarmingly sexy voice and you've got a deadly combination. I'd run and hide if I were you, but that won't get you any points, would it?

Butmac (GT: Butmac)
Game: Rainbow 6: Vegas
Rules: Beat Butmac in a 10 point match on the Streets map.
Advice: R6:V2 is for pussies, so sez Butmac. When he's not making videos, Butmac actually works as a mercenary for hire, working with disabled kids, wrestlers, and occasionally saving women from sketchy drug dealers in warehouses.

Butmac (left) and his crew

Take this knowledge with a large dose of salt and hope that he slips into one of his 'Nam flashbacks so you get a shot at taking him down.

-D- (GT: suckerpod)
Game: Burnout Paradise
Rules: Beat D's amazingly high score on the Showtime Event located on I-88 Section 2. His current high score is: $17,421,950. D has requested that despite that this can be done in single player, that you contact him on XBL so he can taunt you. If you manage to defeat D's score and he cannot back you up on doing so, you'll need to email me (at gmail.com) with photographic proof of your victory.
Advice: D's honed skills in finding Amazon deals has made him a bit of a speed demon. You see, Amazon recently decided to start charging Sales Tax for purchases made in his home state of NY, so he has to race over to Massachusetts as fast as possible daily to pick up those amazing deals from a PO box he has on the MA state border on his lunch break. My advice? Start doing dry runs by racing to the fridge for nachos constantly till you feel you're up to speed.

Blindsidesdork (GT: blindsidesdork)
Game: Team Fortress 2 (The OTHER game that comes with Portal and Half Life 2)
Rules: Simply beat BSD's team on the Dustbowl map. Nothing more, nothing less.
Advice: BSD is known to throw out comments about your mother, and the things he will do to your mother. My advice, keep your mom far, far, faaaar away from your headset while playing BSD on TF2, otherwise, you may end up with 2 losses on your hands.

DVDdesign (GT: Metalocalypse)
Game: Grand Theft Auto 4
Rules: It's a game of cat and mouse. Shark and license plate. Square peg and round hole. Yes, the most dangerous game. Literally. You must survive a 30 minute hunt in the streets of Liberty City. You have the entire city at your disposal in which to hide, run, and then hide some more. DVD will hunt your ass down and kill you if he finds you. 1 life to live. 1 kill means you lose. The match will be private, you will not be allowed to use weapons, as any form of self defense, whether by means of fisticuffs, gun, or molotov will automatically disqualify you from the match. In return DVD will not be using Rocket Launchers, helicopters, or auto-aim. You are free to use any form of car or public transport that will be in the game, but you are not allowed to use Helicopters at all. You'll have a 5 minute head start before the match begins if you so choose.
Advice: Run. Hide. Pray. DVD is coming to get you today.


As stated earlier, each opponent you defeat is worth 200 points. You do the math. Someone's gonna win. What will it be, Mr. Winner? 4000 MS points or a year of Xbox Live Gold?


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