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The Aging Gamer: Never Be Ashamed


I am going to start a series of Blogs under the title "The Aging Gamer". Since that is where my mind is pretty much all the time now-a-days.

So it has come up a couple of times now by the Destructoid staffers, "Are people ashamed of their gaming?" There was this writeup by Dale North. Then it was covered in Ep.57 of Podtoid. So I thought I would answer that question from a person who doesn't make their career in the game industry.

You should never be ashamed of who you are or what you do (unless it involves harming people including yourself). And gaming should be no exception. Age shouldn't be either. I am 32 (almost 33), have 2 kids, a wife, a house, a career, etc... and at no point have I ever felt ashamed of my gaming. I have for the most part felt quit the opposite. I am damn proud to be a gamer geek!

The reason that I probably feel this way is how fucking relentlessly I was picked on in high school. Before a bunch of shit happened in my life (which you can read about here), I was the one picking on all the nerds. Then after my parents divorce I was really uneasy, and, as I knew I was going to be, a really easy target. I am actually really glad about how things worked out in high school. If it wasn't for that life changing move I would probably be a giant douche right about now.

When I got to college and found a bunch of other kids like me, I realized that embracing my geekdom was the only way to go. After that I was happy, my life changed for the better, and it has been going great ever since.

Now I get to pass my wisdom onto my 2 boys. Oh fucking cool is that! I get to watch them learn and explore what I know, then grow past me. I am just waiting for the day they are able to clean the proverbial gaming floor with me. I got some time, but I can't wait.
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