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The Start of the Affair: Kid Icarus, EB Games & finally Destructoid

Many people will see the title of this and continue scrolling, but there is more to it than it seems. This is the story of my life with games...

Let's start from the beginning... I was born in February of 1986, the youngest of four kids in my family. Soon after I was born, my brothers were given a Nintendo Entertainment System. Now I was just a babe at the time so I don't remember what dates they were given the games or who was given which, all I know was that one day my brother let me play his copy of Kid Icarus for the first time, & I was hooked.

I love Destructoid, it has made me feel like I fit in to an entire community and I've never cared so much about so many people I've never met before in my entire life. And I want to thank you all for this. <3 Foo Liz
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