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Enter the Kojima: NYC MGS4 Event

Hideo Kojima doesn't come to the U.S. very often. So when this faptastic man of a man strolls into your town, you should definitely extend a warm welcome. In addition to signing for his fans, Uniqlo's limited edition MGS4 shirts would be unleashed for hundreds of patient gamers that baked in the hot summer sun today. All of the mediums and larges vanished and people began to realize that there would be no shirts for them. The employees of the store had mistakingly put out the event shirts out for normal display and the general public bought most of the product before the fans could get the sizes they wanted. But despite the mishap (on Uniqlo and not my homies at New York-Tokyo, who did a great job of organizing everything), it was time to meet the Hideo that is Kojima. The sweaty and faithful masses were in high spirits, periodically bursting into chant sessions.

(thanks to Superflossy for this one)

One signature per person we were told and I was very excited. Earlier that day, I had decided to stop by Videogames New York, who amazingly has employees that follow and dig Dtoid, to scoop up a copy of Metal Gear. My man had to dig through the back to find the remaining handful of cartridges left. He told me he went through all of the display copies because of the signing event. It was good to feel the game in my hands again after all of these years since my parents gave away my old video games. Forgiveness, friends. Forgiveness...

(thanks to my new friend Yoshi who snapped some shots for me)

"GTA... GTA?" Kojima asked about the GTA4 shirt I had on. I assume he played it. How else would he know the Burger Shot logo? Hmmmmm....

No limited shirts. But hey, this will do. Have fun with your MGS4, kids. Oh Chad Warden, won't you buy me a Playstation Triple?
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