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Is MGS4 worth $750 to you?


The Metal Gear Solid 4 hype train is running in overdrive, and it's fucking working like a charm on me right now.

You see, I've played all the games in the Solid series and loved every single one, with Snake Eater ranking as one of my favortie games of all time, and now that I'm faced with the 4th and possibly last game in the series I've come across a dilemma.
I don't own a PS3. I've never really seen the need for one, as I'm not a massive graphics whore, and the days of each system having a long list of exclusives are long gone. I figured that 95% of games will be out on both systems, so why not stick with just the 360. BUT, I need to play MGS4. I need to own it. I can't stop thinking about it. I even find myself humming the damn theme music in the shower.

It must be mine, yet is it worth paying the price of a PS3 just to play one game?? Would you fork over that much cash for it or would you just hold out?
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