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Where Did All the Old People Go?

I guess as I get older, I am concerned about loosing some of my youth. More to the point of this article, my gaming heritage. Right now, I seem to be one of the older people on here, which I am cool with being "Grey Bush", but it seems to me that there is a missing generation from the "Gamer" scene. The generation right before me. The people that should be in there late 30's to mid 40's. The ones that got to really experience the Arcades in their glory days. The ones who grew up playing on the Atari during its hay day. Gamers that were gaming before the 1983 industry crash.

My brothers, who are 8 and 10 years my elder, were gaming way before me. Both played in the Arcades, and we also had an Atari at home. But neither of them would I call a gamer now, well maybe casual gamers, but those really aren't "Gamers". And I have older friends who all seem to have lost their interest in games.

I mean these are the people that schooled me when I was growing up. My mentors, the people I looked up to (I know sad really) as they schooled me in Donkey Kong or Asteroids. How could they just disappear?

My hypothesis is that this "crash" of the industry during the early to mid 80's had a lasting effect on the ones that felt it. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe its just my limited circle of friends/relatives. Maybe it is the disconnect between that generation and the internet (since this is really where I get to meet people with like minded philosophies).

I know that Samit Sakar just covered a story of a 60 year old gamer... but he seems to have found his inner gamer later in life.

Here is the poll on the forums that I ran, trying to get everyones age. As you can see there is no one in there late 30's or older on there (as of this writing). And you can also see there are only a handful of us Grey Bush's there.

So are there any of you out there? If so prove me wrong. If not... does anyone have a good answer as to where they disappeared to?

I just hope I don't disappear too...
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