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The Start of the Affair: A Link Like No Other

My first gaming experience was the Atari 2600... most likely Breakout. My brothers were 10 and 8 years older then me. So I would watch them play, and then try my best, and of course fail. It wasn't until the NES came out that I really got into gaming. And it wasn't until The Legend of Zelda that I got hooked.

The best part about it was when I first got the game. It was a weekend and my eldest brother, our "adopted" 4th brother (super good friend of the family that was my brothers age), and I played all day and night long. We would take turns playing, if someone got stuck or tired we would switch out. We took power naps when we could, until someone found something really cool, then everyone would wake up. It was the closest I felt to my big brother, and some of our best times together. And it is all thanks to Link.

So I just want to thank Shigeru Miyamoto for being one of the people that saved me during some of my roughest times. Without Nintendo, who knows what would have happened to me.

Oh, and FUCK YOU Jack Tompson, I am glad that you are getting the shaft. Games saved my ass!
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