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NCSoft says Tabula Rasa is going well, move along now.


(the more I get to use this photo the better)

On Sunday I posted a blog about how Tabula Rasa was only mentioned twice in NCSoft's financial report. Now NCSoft has issued a statement about Tabula Rasa's situation and surprisingly enough, they say the game is doing well. Here is what NCSoft said to Eurogamer.

"Tabula Rasa has a dedicated player base, which is growing month on month," (which according to the estimated value it has been falling since launch)

"Tabula Rasa offers players a different kind of MMO experience, enhancing our portfolio of game titles. The game play mechanics are very different to that of a typical MMO - those who have experienced the game have recognised these innovative features and applauded them."
(for some reason that makes me laugh)

"A recent European trial promotion was met with great demand; we will be doing a similar promotion later in the year."

Even though Tabula Rasa isn't doing as well as people thought I still think NCSoft is doing a nice thing and supporting the core group of players which are very dedicated to the game. Hope to see some improvement with this game so I can go back to it.
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