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The Start of the Affair: Sega Mega Drive (Genesis)


I remember myself like a dream back then. When me and my brother were at our family's half-finished summer house playing Atari and Sega Master System.
Looking at the closest mirror i can see why the other kids picked on me. I had enormous eyes for my head, curly hair and an overall innocent look. It was back then when i was 10 that my brother got frustrated from a game I can hardly remember. He threw the controller against the screen and he broke it internally.
I cried a lot. I felt pretty angry with my brother but watching my parents school him I also felt a bit sad about him.
So I gave him my hand and I said "Let's collect money and buy a better console"

We were not that rich back then. We also had to finish this summer house and both my parents were working like crazy all day until late in the night. The upgrade wouldn't be possible if we asked them directly. They'll probably say no or a half baked lie.
But the scenery was far too touching for them to refuse. Besides, it was the end of summer.

By the Christmas we had the whole amount of money for the console, and with the christmas carol treat combined we were able to buy 2 cartridges.

The first one was a Combo Cartridge. It had two Disney Interactive games: The Castle of Illusion and Quack Shot. The second one, which was my favorite of the two, was Sonic the Hedgehog.

The console we had though was the Sega Mega Drive 2. A lot smaller than the original Sega Mega drive. I thought that it was cool. It was entirely black with two red buttons and red led indicator. I also liked the way that the RF box it had turned automatically into Console mode when the console switched on out of it when the console switched off.

The first cartridge we jacked in was Sonic The Hedgehog. Hearing voices chanting "Seee-gaaaa" made all my curly hair raise in surprise and joy. The game seemed in my childish eyes so FANTASTIC. I had the corresponding Sonic The Hedgehog on Master System but i never imagined that Sonic would be THAT fluid. Even my mother was watching on surprise the little dude that sped up in colorful worlds. We spend almost the half of the night playing sonic stage by stage with my brother.

For the other two games, I wasn't so enthusiastic about them but i loved them a lot. Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse was childish-dreamy and it's controls were very good. It also had some very atmospheric moments like the last battle with the Mirzabel - the bad Witch who summoned ghost to protect her and use them as projectiles, she also zapped herself between the arena's platforms. Mini mouse was imprisoned in a bubble and shouted for help. It was good.

Quack Shot was a Platform game too but it had some shooting elements. You could fire different types of ammo like, plums, popcorn and acidic bubbles that can dissolve certain walls. The game had some very unique levels like the Maharaja's castle that was an enormous labyrinth. Also the Incas pyramid had some really intimidating coffins of dead duck emperors. The game constantly forces you to use different types of ammo.

We had it as our primary console for 2 years. We bought games like Ristar, Donald duck in Maui Mallard, all the Sonic trilogy, Streets of Rage, The revenge of shinobi, Mortal combat 3 Ultimate, Garfield caught in the act and more. I missed Vectorman though.

This console with the croissant-like controllers made me love all the type of games- From childish ones with no storyline and great gameplay to the bloody violent games with deep story. I still remember the Revenge of the Shinobi that was dark and violent. Also, this console made me love Sonic. Even the Sonic Spinball was better than today's crappy Sonic games. Now i have these games downloaded on emulator (i still have the cartridges so i am Legal) and i also downloaded on VC just to have them on the Wii.

After those 2 years, my uncle gave me my cousins old SNES console while they got a brand new playstation. I couldn't give a shit. I had the best 16 bit consoles on my hands and i only got a PSX when those two died.

My SNES got lost while moving on our new house. Probably mistaken as a box filled with garbage by my mother. Too good I have my Sega Mega Drive on my student home.
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