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What is the second game i should get for my ps3?

So i'm getting the mgs4 ps3 bundle, and after I have completed the game I am going to want a second game. What should I get ? I have a list of games that look interesting.


I looks like fun and I think it will be a good game to play online. It's also the cheapest of the games on my list. Is it fun online? And do people play it a lot?


Good game? does it have enough replay value? is it fun to play?

Resistence: FoM

I don't know about this one. It looks alright but console shooters don't really give me the chills. I liked time splitters 2 and halo 1 but the rest just don't do it for me.
Will this game be any different?

Virtua tennis 3 or similar

I liked top spin. But it got a bit boring after a while. Is this game different? Is it good fun? Is it worth the money?

Uncharted: Drakes fortune

Ive heard good things and bad things about this game. do the good outweigh the bad? Will it compell me to the end? Will I want to complete it?

And last but not least.
GT5 prologue

I loved GT2 and I love Forza 2. is this game worth a purchase over other games in this list?
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