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New Darksiders video is Hella-hot!

I don’t know if there is anyone else out there looking for a solid open-world action game like I am, but for those that may or may not have been following the progress of THQ’s upcoming balls to the wall action game, Darksiders: Wrath of War, get excited (Jim, this includes you).

Leave it to cleaver! God that was awful.

IGN just got an exclusive video interview with some managers and art directors (including Joe Madureira, of Uncanny X-Men and Ultimates 3 fame) who have been working on the game and it’s spliced with some new clips and creatures from the game. While there isn’t a lot of gameplay shown, it does show a good deal of the artwork behind the game and everything that has been going into its creation. Behold:

Overall, I’m pretty pumped for this game. Any game that lets me play as a horseman of the apocalypse and rip apart angels is pretty fucking cool in my book. The fact they’re hyping it as the next big action game since God of War (which is my favorite action series of all time) REALLY gets me pumped. If they can pull together all the epic artistry and gameplay that they’re promising, I think THQ will have a new hit series on their hands.

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