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Nintendo's Wii: Now Yours For Only $449.99!

No, I don't have a picture. But I went to the hospital in Portland, OR, today to have lunch with my fiancee and saw in the hospital gift shop a Wii for sale for the above low low price.

Does that offend anyone else? I know this type of thing isn't new, but I guess I was just shocked to see the rape-n-pillage take place in a hopsital gift shop.

Oddly enough (at least for me, a person fortunate enough not to have spent a significant amount of time in hospitals), the shop also sold televisions, panties (not used, that I could tell), perfume, and stale candy (our raison d'entree). The rest seemed reasonably priced.

Oh, and they had no less than six security cameras within 6 feet of the front door. The shop itself was barely 15' x 15'.
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