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The Start of the Affair: Apple II

Back in 1986 I attended a summer computer camp at my elementary school. I had just turned 6 and my mom, who was a teacher there, suggested it to me. On the first day all of the kids were given a designated seat in front of a computer. Once I was seated I looked on at the ugly, beige, brick of a machine in front of me. It had a multicolored logo on it. A rainbow colored apple. We spent the next hour learning how to turn it on, off, and how to put a disk in the five and a quarter inch floppy drives. After that we spent the rest of the day playing with programs that taught us how to type and run programs.

I spent the rest of my week playing these games and others. My thirst for games grew and grew. Since my mom was a teacher at the elementary school I had hours every day after class to spend with the Apple II. I would play on it every day. Everyday that is, until I was given something that I learned to love even more, the N.E.S. Even though the Apple II saw less and less of me, I still thought about it from time to time.

Shortly before all of the Apple IIs were replaced at my school I sat down one afternoon and played. I played until my mom and I had to leave so they could lock up at night. That was pretty much the last time I played on one. It was a good afternoon…
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