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scammers keep me from the second hand market

Because of metal gear solid 4 I am now in the market for a ps3. I love buying new consoles. I love going real early to a store the day after I got enough money to buy a console. I love picking the new console up from the stand and looking contemplating in the games section of this console. It feels so good. It feels even better when you get t the register and pay in cash, walk out the store acting paranoid as if someone is going to steal it, after this I always get in the car with my dad who was nice enough to bring me to the shop. All I do in the car is read EVERYTHING on the box. When I get home with console in hand I always call some people over to open my BRAND NEW console (excuse the caps).

Above is one of those orgasmic feelings I get with new consoles. But sometimes I have to resort to second hand.
I love second hand stuff, as long as it is older than a ps1 I will buy second hand. When a console gets newer than the ps1 generation I feel like i'm stepping on thin ice.
See you can drop a snes from a ladder and it might survive but a ps2 will probaly explode in pieces. The technology is much too breakable these days, And even a console that looks good might be broken somewhere. But because consoles are so expensive I dont have a lot of choice.

But there is a big problem these days with the online second hand games and consoles. There are too many scammers they mostly roam on sites like craigslist, we in holland dont have craigslist, we have Markt plaats market place in english . Now you have two kinds of scammers in my eyes:

The obvious: mostly bad english and/or from Nigeria(sorry but it is true). Sells the console for really ridiculous low prices. Will do stupid things to get you to pay. (ship
internationally for free) they also often use western express or unknown banks

the best con men: these guys are the adders in the tall grass they wait passively for pray and con you in more subtle ways that you'll notice after.

O wait theres also the plain stupid that tried to be an elite conner.

In the past 2 days ive encountered atleast 4 scammers on my quest to a ps3. These encounters were once with selling my psp and the rest with looking for a ps3. The one that had me interested more than I was comfortable with was an ad that was offering 80 gig ps3s with mgs4 which is not coming to europe anytime soon. So I took a look and asked a few questions. The reason I even tried was because the ad said this guy was based in amsterdam. That would be the best because I live in amsterdam and always like to know what im buying. He replied with bad english while the ad was in dutch and after another question he said he was based in london. Wait what? So I told him that I couldn't afford shipping. And he replied that he would pay shipping. Well seemed unlikely cause shipping from england to the netherlands for a ps3 should be around 60 euros. That would kill his profit. So I bailed.

The experience with the potential buyer of my psp was obvious:

Hello Seller, i am Anita Ingram from Belgium and am happy to be the buyer of your item bove . I want to know if the present condition of the item is as described as am buying it as a gift for my Husband. I want to pay you immediately for the item today so that the package can be shipped asap. and i will be very grateful if you could help me ship this item to him via TNTPOST AANGETEKEND and i want you to get back to me with the total cost of this item plus shipping and also with your Bank account details this will help me to transfer the money into your Bank account and the money will be transfered from my bank Citi Bank please i am ready to send u your money first before u send the item so i want you to get back to me ontime with all i requested for and am not too good in dutch and i will like this deal to be completed in English and here is my Husband shipping address Name: Adebayo Tunde Address:25 road 7 City ; ile ife State :osun state Zip code:234036 Country:Nigeria

The funny thing is that her spelling is spot on but the grammar is a bit off. The big give away is the nigeria part.
But just to be sure If this was a serious person wanting my psp sorry Anita Ingram

I didn't reply to keep me safer.

of course there are people that are not scammers and i have had contact with a few. still i only want a ps3 and mgs, and maybe resistence or something else. but alot of the ads are out of my budget

Ill probaly buy a new ps3 so I can have that experience that I love so much.
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