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Cblogs of 06.07.08

one of these days I'm gonna write some more arkisms.

*- Monthly Musings: The Longest Journey (ben briton)
*- why dtoid la is the best
*- A tale of two sisters is my all time favorite movie, so I really want to see this (same director)
*- dtoid invades wwe. fucking epic

S- Does it Suck? Sonic R (Nihontiger90)
M- megaman (bizznet)
M- streets of rage 2 (suntzu)
M- snes (milescosmo)
M- sega megadrive (steve phoenix)
M- timesplitters 2 (wmv337)

W- Halo FNF winner

E- wiimbleton
E- shitty movie night
C- GTA cockpunches rorschach
C- what happened to playback machine
C- dtoids completed games list (may update)
C- sevink works in a game store
I- zockroach
H- sleepingagain

N- Duke Nukem Screens. What f whipple said
N- new pyro weapon
V- mgs4 2006 vs 2008
V- some mgs4 video with spoilers maybe
T- gta vs saints row
T- sellin' wii for ps3
T- quantized blaze
T- wiicast impressions
T- linux gaming
T- sony history lesson
T- dream painter
T- assassin's creed
T- something about ninja gaiden's story
T- nintendo's import barriers
T- qore
T- wii usb?
T- intel vs nvidia
T- mgs bundles wtf
T- multimedia gaming
D- luc hates the press

A- a comic
F- DiCaprio in the Atari Movie
S- another kojima autograph

C- #1
?- ?
?- ?
?- ?
?- ?

S- #1
F- everything r3yguti3rr3z posted today
F- #2

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